Spring on your bike

Spring has arrived! A season filled with the fresh scent of springtime, cheerfully chirping birds, and trees bursting with blossoms and green buds. It is the perfect time to get your bike out and enjoy a ride through the awakening nature.

Cycling is not only healthy for you but also a friendly choice for our planet. And you can take your green journey even further. Equip your bicycle with our sustainable bike accessories and ride into spring with credence.

What are you waiting for! Get your bike out of the shed and make it spring-ready; give it a shine, inflate the tires, and check the brakes. But more than that, get your bike really spring-ready with Basil's durable bike accessories!

Spread the [re]-cycling joy

Cycling is a green choice. At Basil, we take this green thinking to the next level by increasingly choosing sustainable products. Our commitment to sustainability began in 2012 with bicycle bags made from recycled canvas, launching the [re]-Cycling label. Since then, our collection of eco-friendly products has expanded substantially! These products can be recognized by the Choose Green label.

Bicycle bags that tell a story

Our recycled material bicycle bags are more than just a space to carry your belongings; they are your faithful companions on every trip. Partially made from PET bottles, these bags are a statement of your green choice. Whether you're navigating the city or exploring nature, these top-notch bags will keep everything together without burdening the planet: Basil Elegance - Basil Ever-Green - Basil Bloom Field

Baskets with a mission

Every basket in our Choose Green collection is made from eco-friendly materials. Not only do they offer a practical solution for your cycling adventures, but they are also a lovely sight to behold. Just the way to really get your bike ready for spring! Choose for some cheer on your bike with the Basil Bloom field bicycle basket or the handmade Basil Green Life. For a real eye-catcher, choose the Basil Swing bicycle basket, which is made of woven rattan.

Crates of Character

Our sustainable highlight of recent years is the Basil Crate. This design is made of recycled material, using plastic collected from household waste. After their service life, they can again be transformed into new crates. Totally circular! And on top of that, they are made in Holland. Knowing this will give you peace of mind when taking your belongings with you on your bike trips.

Spring Hook-on

Can you already imagine yourself riding your bike again, enjoying the birds and all the beautiful blossoms around you? Then get your bike out of the shed, hook up our accessories, and merge yourself into spring!

Check out our bike accessories below.